Wix Expert Install

The game is easy if you have all the cheat codes! With a Wix Expert Install maximize your websites capabilities in Wix to the absolute. So Helpful!

    Wix Expert Install

    1. Includes custom coming soon splash page
    2. This setup service requires a signature OurStudio wix template at the time of purchase inorder for the Install Pro to apply.
    3. The Install Pro requires you allow site access to your wix account. 
    4. Usually the install pro is completely within 24 hours.
    5. Install Pro is for OurStudio SIgnature Templates Only. 
    6. WE WILL NOT add your content including logos, photos, colors, migrate your blog to wix or setup your domain. This is just to recreate the demo site as seen on www.OurStud.io at the time of purchase. 
    7. If your looking for custom branding and design with your purchased template check out Design Pro service for a custom layout of your purchased template from desktop to mobile!

    What They're Saying

    "OurStudio built my website and I can not express enough how much I love my Wix Website! They are BADASS at what they do and Wix is AMAZING!"




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